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Frequently Asked Questions

You can ask for a free proxy replacement once/billing month excluding the first billing month.
We only renew your proxies when you request it.

We have number of locations in United States/Europe/Asia.

If you need a specific location, please submit a ticket to support and we will check whether we have proxies available near that location.

Please check our Datacenters for all locations.

We accept

PayPal (www.paypal.com)

Bitcoin(BTC)/BitcoinCash(BCH) via Coingate 

Cryptomus for crypto processing (USDC/USDT/XMR/BCH/BTC/ETC/DOGE)

Debit/credit cards via PayPal (www.paypal.com)

You can use our proxies for webmailing using Gmail, Aol, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

There’s no specific mailing limits.

We do however block port 25, and don’t allow SMTP based email.

You can use them with almost every browser/application that supports HTTP/HTTPS proxies.

Yes, can be used. Our advice is to use Classified AD Proxies

You can check here: Check-My-Ip or you can go to one of many sites that post your IP address, such as:



We sell only HTTP/HTTPS proxies. They are running on high end dedicated proxy servers

Our proxies are classified as “High Anonymity” Elite proxies, they offer the highest level of security possible.

They are 100% Anonymous.

Elite proxies do not reveal any information related to your original IP or that you are connecting via a proxy in their headers, making your

connection look like an actual device

We support an Affiliate Program with 25% recurring commission on all referred orders. Our program is free to join, it’s easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. 

You can request for upgrade at anytime.

Please note that due date will not update and a new invoice will be generated with prorated amount.

Please submit a ticket to our support department and we will help you.

Test proxies are not available.

You can try 1 private proxy for testing purpose.

Our proxies work with User and Password Authentication and also with IP Authentication .

We recommend using IP Authentication scheme for bot software (lots of requests per minute)

You can cancel your service from control panel or you can submit a ticket to our support department.

Login to www.highproxies.com and go to Services -> My Services, click on the Service you want to cancel and select “Request cancellation”.

No, you will need a PVA for each IP then you can post on (US) Craigslist. You may post to one category and in one city, no more than once every 48 hours per IP, everything else puts your PVA at risk.

Yes, without any problem. We provide a control panel where you can easily update your authorized IP address. You are allowed to set up to 3 IP’s. Most customers with dynamic IP’s find that their IP addresses don’t change less than once every few days. (for bot software our recommendation is to use IP Authentication)

For the moment we don’t offer socks/socks4/socks5 proxies.

We sell only HTTP/HTTPS proxies.

Yes, you can upgrade your package any time. Just write a ticket and tell us for which package you want to upgrade. We will send you a prorated invoice.

By default we allow up to 100 concurrent threads.

Though in practice, running a lot of threads can cause a natural degradation in performance.

We suggest experimenting with the actual number of threads and find what suits you best

You can view proxies and manage your authorized IP here : My Proxies

Yes. Please contact our Support Department with your custom request.

“Access denied” error means you are trying to access your proxies from an IP address which is not authorized.

Please ensure that your IP is authorized in our proxy Control Panel.

Please allow 2-6 hours after the order before checking your proxy control panel.