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Why Shared VPN is your Cost-Effective Solution for Home and Business Internet Endeavors

Virtual private networks or VPNs allows users to have several anonymity options, and the most popular is the IP address where it is completely different from your home or office IP address. Lots of people use VPN services for a variety of purposes including security and protection of personal data, the safety of devices from malware attacks and gain access on websites that are available only on selected countries.

However, VPN services are not made the same. In fact, there are two options available for VPN users such as the dedicated IP address and the shared IP address – and their features depend on the user’s internet needs and user experience.

Although dedicated VPN IP service can guarantee you that you are the sole user of your IP address, it comes in a big upfront cost compared to shared VPN IP service.

Shared VPN IP service is considered to be the most affordable VPN service. Yet, you have to share your IP address with other users or devices. What is good about it is that you can have a bunch of shared IP addresses for the cost of one dedicated VPN IP service.

There are instances that you have to check several applications from numerous countries. And through shared VPN IP service, you can get access on essential information in different countries – that makes shared VPN services ideal to international companies.

Shared VPN services are highly recommended on SEO companies or businesses who are tracking their progress online and on other companies where their online marketing campaigns are directed. Through these VPN services you can fake your IP addresses in various countries just to see myriads of services that include search engine rank.

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