Private Proxies – All You need to Know About

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In today’s world, most people use the internet for entertainment, work, and studying. Now, more than ever, it’s vital to bear in mind that the internet is not the safest place which is why several people decide to use private proxies.

There is no doubt that for secure and anonymous web browsing or cleaning website pages, it’s the ideal solution to use private proxies. But to reap its advantages, you still have to find a trustworthy supplier, like High-Proxies.

This blog will demonstrate why it’s a great idea to buy private proxies. Firstly, we need to understand what private proxies are. A private proxy is a server that permits you to optimize several requests as soon as you search engines.

Thanks to this option, you can also, for instance, create several accounts on one website and, at the same moment, pretend these accounts come from different geo-locations.

A private proxy is useful in various situations. In the field of content optimization, it’s vital to clean new website pages at the search engine level. They can be used to find expired domains, post links, and others.

What are private proxies?

Private proxies are dedicated IPs assigned only to 1 person to provide her/him with anonymity to prevent censorship, circumvent, surveillance, and location restrictions online.

Otherwise known as dedicated IPs, a private proxy masks the real IPs of the user and presents the dedicated address as the user IP. This helps the user remain anonymous.

Unlike in shared and public proxies, owners of private proxies enjoy a high level of privacy and have complete control rights over their private proxies. They don’t have to be wary of their neighbors activities. Neighbors, in this case, are other users of the IPs.

When you are using shared IPs, the activity of one user of address on a website might get all of your restricted from accessing the offending site. However, since these proxies are dedicated to one user at a time, they’re expensive compared to their counterparts.

How does it work?

The operations of private proxies are very simple. Without them, when you visit a site, your PC will connect directly to the server of the corresponding web page, but when you use private proxies; your device will connect directly to the proxy.

After, your private proxy will conduct the requested research, and then it’ll return the results to you. This way, you’ll get the highest level of anonymity and security. In addition, other user data is encrypted.

It permits avoiding revealing the real user. One more benefit of private proxies is also the network speed. It is extremely fast. For your proxy server to work, you only need to set up your browser. All you’ve to do is enter the IP of the private proxy to take benefit of it.

What is a private proxy used for?

It’s quite vital to mention the main problems which can be simply solved when you purchase your private proxies from us.

Be anonymous and Bypass blocking 

By using private proxies, you can bypass geo-blocks and stay anonymous. Indeed, you’ll receive a new IP that’ll let you surface the website anonymously.

In this way, you’ll be able to protect your safety, and in particular, discover sites that are blocked or restricted in certain countries. If you’re a user of private proxies, you’ll be able to use multiple accounts on a similar web page, which is not usually possible.

Clean the Internet

Using private proxies allows you to make the internet cleaner. In other words, for the business, it allows you to discover the buying behavior of clients in a particular category. For SEOs, it’s a convenient way to identify keywords and topics in search engines.

Cashing the data

Caching refers to the temporary space of frequently used data; this option makes it faster and easier to open these sites in the future.

Private proxies server cache sites, so they load more quickly than if you had to send your traffic to the website server over the internet each time. This way, you can decrease latency, which is the time it takes for info and data to be transmitted all over the internet.

Improved Security

In addition to increased safety, private proxies offer you more advantages. You can set up your proxy server to encrypt your requests and prevent paying eyes from reading your transactions.

By using private proxies, you can also block access to websites known to host malware. Organizations can optionally associate their proxies with VPN, letting remote users access the internet through the corporate proxy.

Internet Connection Sharing

Businesses and even private homes with one internet connection can use a private proxy to pass all of their devices over that connection. Using a wireless and Wi-Fi router is another key solution to this issue.

Advantages of using private proxies

No restricted content for your location 

A private proxy hides your IP, but it can also help you access sites that are not available in your country by simply making it look like you’re from the location where the content is permitted. There’s no limit on how many times you can do this, as you can change your region each time you access a certain web page.

For instance, YouTube ensures that content forbidden in a few regions stays forbidden by checking your IPs. You can simply mark your location with private proxies by changing the region where your address with be presented.

Other than keeping you protected as a regular internet user, it can bring your security to the next level if you pick to play online games. Several professional players use private proxies to secure their privacy and team up with gamers from different areas.

Privacy and security

Private proxies help you secure your internet experience, and it helps its stay private. Using a private proxy will bring the chances of having minus experience with common online threats to a minimum.

Since all is encrypted, info about your internet whereabouts will stay hidden from anybody who would like to find out about what pages you visit our card info, or your passwords.

If you use private proxies as a tool while managing your company, it’ll help you keep your info private. It will also secure your network and keep it safe from various types of scams, malware, and cybercriminals.

When managing a business that relies on the internet, remember that private proxies are always better than casual VPN services.

Customer support and responsibility

If something occurs to your setup due to the proxy used, where you can complain if you’re using free proxies? Chances are that you’ll not be able to solve anything and you’ll be left with damages.

Therefore, if you use a free proxy instead of a private proxy and you’re hacked due to the server, then you’ll have suffered the consequences.

Though, when it comes to a similar problem when using a private proxy provider, you can always claim and state your issues and the proxy provider should work on solving the matter so it would not occur again in the future.

Therefore, by using private proxies provider and not only you’ll get a technically superior product, and you’ll also have somebody to make accountable for.

It does not affect your internet speed 

Since only 1 individual use a private proxy, it provides a super fast internet connection. It does not affect your browsing speed whatsoever, and in addition, it can bring you a smooth internet experience.

Though, if you do not want to proxy to intertwine with your internet speed, the best option is to purchase private proxiesas the free ones and the ones you share with other users can slow down your internet speed and damage your online activities.

It’s considered one of the most valuable advantages private proxies offers since users find internet speed critical for a positive browsing experience.

No connectivity issues

Have you tried the risky job of connecting to Facebook via a free proxy? Chances are you’ll not be able to do so. Or even face the worst experience; your account could even be suspended because the proxy servers were flagged spammy by servers at Facebook.

This is why, when you need to link to an online service and this connection needs an authentication procedure, free proxies should be avoided at any cost.

Instead, you should purchase private proxies for the underlying service. Therefore you’ve certain that no one used this web proxy before you. Therefore, it is history with Facebook is super clean and your account will not be blocked.

Indeed, dedicated IPs otherwise known as private proxies are a few of the options used by internet users to hide their true IPs by using an intermediate server.

They’re useful for web scraping, bypassing geo-location limitations and social media automation among others.

When next you need to mask your IP address online, try using private proxies and your identity will be hidden as you want.