Free Vs. High-Performance Premium Proxies – Key Differences

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You might be asking yourself the following important question: What are the key differences between high-performance premium proxies and free proxies?

Perhaps, we can convince you that, when it comes to free, there might be a big price to pay. Whether you are an individual trying to conceal your confidential info from a site you are visiting or a product developer looking to dig into the key info of a PC, the question above surely leaves you very confused.

It might be tempting to use free proxies, which as the name suggests, is free of cost. Though, you might worry about its security.

As someone who wants to keep your info anonymous and private, you might think if the free proxy is free. Then again, there’re also bad proxies – their features look to be the same. So how do they compare – Free vs. High-performance premium proxies?

Free Proxies

Free proxy is proxy servers that are fully free of cost. They can be mobile, residential, or data center proxy that does not need any fee to use them. And they’re usually shared with others. So you’ll get a certain degree of internet anonymity without paying at all. That is great news.

The bad news is that they often come with internet incontinence and super slow service. They might even be more dangerous than helpful if you use the wrong ones. That is why you must use free proxy servers from a trusted provider.

Pros and cons of free proxies 

The major benefit you get with using a free proxy is that you do not need to pay. If you want to save money or do not have the funds to buy high-performance premium proxies, then free proxies will help. Free proxies are readily available so you can get them at any time.

However, the cons outweigh this benefit. One analysis of free proxies shows that about 80% are malicious. People use it to conceal their internet identity but with most free proxies, you get the opposite.

Free proxies are not exactly private and could be stealing and selling your private data. Unreliability is one more problem with free proxies.

They can stop working at any moment due to poor connections. Also, free proxies can get clogged with several users which results in a lagging and slow browsing experience for you. Free proxies do not last either.

As mentioned before, some of these proxies are offered by regular programmers. Therefore, they might be around now and deleted the next day. You do not get any reliable support with free proxies which is a major con considering how technical free proxies can be.

Some free proxies feature many ads that’ll affect your web browsing experience. Since you do not play for them, their owners make income through these advertisements! Finally, some of these proxies are injected with harmful malware which can corrupt your PC.

Use cases of free proxies 

The only sensible use case is as follows – you are not planning to keep your sensitive info safe, so you do not care about safety. Instead, you only want simple browsing or info filtering (a fine instance would be blocking adult content).

Other than that, w cannot find any valid reason to use them because they provide little to no protection, client support, privacy, and security.

After all free proxies would not be able to protect you from hacking attacks and cyber criminals stealing you or your business info (which might include intellectual property, client data, patent information, and so on).

As you can see, the cons outweigh all the upsides. So why compromise your safety and protection to save some bucks? Now, let’s see why you buy high-performance premium proxies instead.

High-performance Premium Proxy

High-performance Premium proxies are efficiently the exact opposite of free proxies. They’re reliable, fast, and completely safe. Most offer several choices, whether you would like residential or datacenter proxies, or might be Scraper API is a solution you might need.

All of this allows for significant customization that’s most relevant to your jobs. Further, with a High-performance Premium proxy service, you get access to advanced solutions that are not stagnant. A constant improvement in quality and speed is at the top of High-performance Premium proxy priorities.

Key Differences

The price might the major different between free proxies and High-performance Premium proxies, but it is certainly not the only one. To choose the perfect one for you, you have to know how these 2 types of web proxies are different in terms of.


Free proxy is not owned and assigned to you by a company, so they’re quite unreliable. With them, you will never know if they’ll suddenly stop working due to poor connections or if they’ll work at all.

Also, they usually do not last long as they can rapidly become overloaded. On the other hand, High-performance Premium proxies come from reliable service providers that work at any time.

Speed and Quality 

It is probably unsurprising that High-performance Premium proxy services offer significantly faster speeds. Yet, what’s arguably as vital as quickness is the uptime. Free proxies have no obligation to make sure that their connections are always available.

Technically, High-performance Premium proxies do not do as well, but when dealing with large businesses, speeds and unending uptime is vital therefore you normally get both from top proxy providers.

It should also be noted that within industry-leading businesses, there’s a lot of effort put into getting quality, ethical proxies. Such fat is closely related to stability and uptime as it reduces the chance of various proxies disappearing without any notice.


Most problems within free proxies are related to safety. High-performance Premium proxies offer unparalleled safety, and they take responsibility upon themselves to ensure your data and info is safe and secure as possible.

The security of data is both value-generating property and a factor that, if overlooked, could get a proxy service provider into serious trouble. Combining these 2 points, you can expect nearly certain that the levels of data security within top service providers are as fine as they can be.


This is perhaps the most vital aspect you need to remeber when choosing a proxy. After all, most users want it exactly for that purpose. The thing is both free and high-performance proxies provide internet anonymity, but to a different degree.

With free proxies, you will get enough internet anonymity to perform smaller jobs like bypassing geo-restrictions. High-performance Premium proxies, on the other hand, provide 100 percent anonymity on the web so you can use them for jobs that need a high level of privacy and anonymity.

Doesn’t crash easily 

Unlike free proxies, High-performance Premium proxies don’t crash or shut down. No question of getting disconnected from the internet arises because the servers are maintained by trusted businesses and hence they’re not going to just shut their system and make the server go down.

Advance technology

Efficiently is crucial for any big-scale project and similar for free proxy. A sure way to give the highest levels of it, particularly in a field such as IT, is through ethnological developments, and the data-gathering industry is full of them.

By choosing a High-performance Premium proxy, you will introduce to various advancements like ML and AI that greatly increase efficiency in fields like scrapping.

Do note that while these advanced technologies are of great use to massive businesses, they might be of less value on a small scale. After all, there’re cases where a rather simple job might not need the safety, speed, and anonymity of High-performance Premium proxies.

Security against Malware 

As they’re perfectly designed by experts, they’re made to protect your machine and your operating system against any malware.

Hence you can breathe a sigh of relief since you’re well protected. As there’re high quality dedicated proxies, it prevents you from using a similar proxy as a hacker which is one of the major security of free proxies.


You already know this, but we will still mention it as can be vital if you do not have the funds to purchase a High-performance Premium proxy. In that case, free proxies can be a great choice as long as you do not need to perform smaller jobs that need a basic level of anonymity proxies.

High-performance Premium proxies can come at different prices, depending on the type. In general, residential private proxies are more expensive than data centers. But they’re worth it.

High-performance Premium proxy and their uses cases 

For individuals

Research and Education

Anonymous Browsing

For Businesses 

Product research and development

Mining, Big data research, and scraping

Customer and Business data protection and security and many more

Wrap Up…

High-performance Premium proxies are a lot better than free proxies. Free proxies do not stand a chance against premium proxies. You can only use free to execute basic jobs and they’ve lost restrictions and are still not safe.

High-performance Premium proxies come with several features you can take benefit of. With High Proxies, you do not have to spend much on the premium proxy; the proxy prices are extremely affordable.